+Area professional

The 3-dimensional modules consist of a metal structure (engineered according to calculations) for the foundation, pillars, and roof, with their various base finishes.

The 2-dimensional facade consists of a Studframe metal structure (optionally can be in wood) for exterior walls that is installed on an existing structure (concrete, metal, or hybrid).

It's a transportable modular unit that contains a complete bathroom ready to be installed on-site.

"+Area Professional"... where two construction methods come together:

Traditional on-site CONSTRUCTION+ industrialized MODULAR CONSTRUCTION = faster, higher quality..."because adding is better."

At "+Area Professional," we offer a range of custom pre-industrialized products (with final finishes and installations or without) tailored to the unique needs of each project.

The interior finishing of floors and walls, as well as plumbing, electricity, ventilation, etc., are completed by the client on-site.

Especially suited to meet the demand from builders/architects looking to partially incorporate modular industrialized construction into their on-site projects.


We manufacture off-site and assemble on-site to provide more efficient service to our clients, minimizing construction risks and offering flexible delivery options.

Each element is marked with smart tags, allowing digital access throughout the construction process and during the building's lifespan.

The 2-dimensional construction consists of a metal structure (engineered according to calculations) for the foundation, walls, and roof, with its different "base" and "standard" finishes. Unlike the 3-dimensional modules, these are assembled on-site.

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